The Pool House is currently under construction and will be with you soon. 

Visit our swimming pool situated inside a large silo with rock features and a glowing floor.       An experience best appreciated at night time when dark.


The water temperature is set between 32.C during summer to 38.C during the colder months. The water is drawn from our onsite underground stream water bore. The water is then Ozone treated and filtered while in the pool. If required we add limited amounts of Bromine leaving the pools water with clarity and purity. 

The Pool

State of the art plunge pool with spa seats and lounger at one end and swim jets at opposite end. The pool is lit up with LED lights around the entire outer edge. The pool depth is 1.5 meters.   

The Pool House

The pool is housed inside a grain silo which has been cut in half and extended. The floor has exposed concrete with crushed glass and glow stones which adds a special evening lighting experience. There are numerous large rocks placed around the pool edge and outside in a fully fenced the courtyard area which is suitable for soaking up the suns rays in summer.